Thursday, September 3, 2009

Books Bring People Together

Books bring people together. That is how this little story begins  almost 2 years ago....But today is a sad day. Today is the day that a co-worker, turned great friend and "partner-in-crime" leaves DC for good. I met this person about 2 years ago when he started working at our office. I remember sitting in our office kitchen, finishing up my lunch and reading "This Side of Paradise." I can't recall the exact conversation, but my now-friend-at-the-time-stranger walked into the kitchen and started inquiring about what I was reading, telling me he really liked Fitzgerald too. I do distinctly recall thinking, "New guy, I'm trying to read, shhh." Little did I know that 2 years later, I would have made a great friend and had so many crazy memories to recall.

Things not to forget:
1. moving
2. kennedy bus
3. losing people in alleys
4. heart-to-hearts over martinis
5. grand plans of writing a screenplay
6. labor day party and toilet puking
7. roommates (HA)
8. texas cut-outs
9. sketchiness
10. pre-date wine drinking
11. clarendon house
12. shot gunnin' beers
13. frisbees

The list could go on and on...Last night we toasted our good friend for the last time and just moments ago we had our last work lunch with him. But he is on to bigger and better places and things, and I wish him all the best! 

CU on the OL my friend, CU!

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