Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Boyfriend's Back!

He went away....or so the lyrics of this popular oldies song begin. Yes, friends...I haven't had much exciting dating news these days, but an old monster from my past re-surfaced in my life today.

We all remember crazy Rolls. I mean, this dude. was. nuts. I didnt even have a chance to tell the second part of that saga yet. Long story short...Rolls contact me about a month after he went off on me and apologized and wanted to hang out again. Why I accepted his apology or invitation is beyond me, but hey...we all make mistakes. We went to a baseball game, and to say it was awkward is a UNDERSTATEMENT. Remembering that night makes me break out in hives, in fact. I thanked the baseball gods when, after just an hour or so, he decided to leave. The following day I received "how do you think that went text" from Rolls. To which I responded "I think we should just be friends." Which again, was a stretch.

Rolls then went onto a tirade about how he preferred my friend, whom he spoke to all of 5 seconds when i went to the bathroom. Who was also there with her boyfriend. He also told me we were on different dance floors. Literally the man told me that "he wanted to face dance, and I wanted to slow dance." I didnt want to touch him, let alone dance.

So Rolls and I went our separate ways. During playoffs he wrote a very inappropriate comment on my facebook wall. It was berating me for my amazing baseball team of choice, saying it was a good thing we didnt work out because he hated that team. Um, sir. No no no. Sure, it would have been funny if we were friends, or uh even hung out 3+ times. Luckily I was stalking on facebook that day and deleted the post immediately.

Today Rolls popped up again. He was de-friending people with this rational: "Going from 500 to 200 friends...Sorry if you dont see me on here anymore, and dont take offense. If I have to read about how someone's boss is really pissing them off today, or how someone thinks they have the best BF in the world, I want them to be someone I give a damn about, not the friend of someone I give a damn about or someone I havent spoken to in 10 years. Later"

And you know what, I actually get that. Do what you gotta do man. Certainly, I thought..this was the end of my FB friendship with Rolls. And good riddance.

To my surprise, I made the facebook cut. How could this be, I actually pondered to myself for a second. And then went about my business. Until.....up pops a message in my gchat informing me someone has written on my wall. As if he had read my mind, he read: "If you were made the cut because you're cute =)"


Again, really? Rolls. C'mon. Luckily, again I was monitoring my gchat like a hawk so I deleted the post. This kid actually has a girlfriend now. What possess people to do such things?

Anyways, I know I have the power to de-friend Rolls whenever I please. But instead of pissing me off like last time, this time was actually amusing. Sure, I don't want that written on my wall. And yes, one weekend if, god forbid, I leave facebook unattended for hours, nay, days at a time, he could write something beyond these crazy shenanigans on there. But for now, it provided me some entertainment. And good reading for you dear people.

So, I'm sure, sooner or later, I'm going to have to de-friend Rolls. But for now, I'll persist in this dysfunctional facebook friendship for the sake of my craft...and your amusement.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Out Like a Lion

In like a lamb, out like a lion...or so the old saying goes in reference to the kooky weather variances that come with the month of March. I'm not really sure how March rang in - but I'm pretty sure having a dusting of snow this weekend with a chance for more this coming week does not qualify as "out like a lamb." Ugh, snow in nearly April? I look forward longingly to spring every year and March is my mixed bag...but April is supposed to save me. It'll be a high of 46 degrees on Friday. Bah. hum.bug.

This is also effing severely with my sinuses and allergies. Mother nature is not entirely to blame however. My recent adventures in NYC and March madness game watching have not helped my fragile immune system. I absolutely loathe going to the doctor, but 1 week+ of being sick has worn me down....I'll be making a trip to the good ole clinic tomorrow.

So although my winter clothes have been worn out for the season, and my boots need resoling....I guess I'll have to keep them out for a bit longer. Silver lining...maybe this means DC Summer 2k11 won't be a suana in hell like last year's :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Heart of Life

I apologize in advance to any of my male readers, as this may be TMI. But hell, this is my on at your own risk. Once a month, ladies receive a lovely gift from mother nature. During this time period, their bodies go through hell - interaction with other humans should cease during this time period that can be likened to an emotional roller coaster. After years and years worth of experiencing this "cycle," I've come to realize two things:

1) Just a few days before, I am like the happiest person in the world. I'd like to think I'm generally a positive person, but Sunday I was just generally on cloud nine. Sure, I was hungover as hell, had an hour of my life/sleep/lazy time snatched away from me and overanalyzing regrettable events of a drunken evening past, but all things considered, I was feeling swell. I went for a walk around the mall, the sun was out, the birds were chipping, life was good.

2) Fast forward to today - my B word side came out hardcore. I was at dinner with friends and trying with all my willpower to suck up my suckiness (yes, I used suck twice in once sentence). I made it all the way to the metro, and unfortunately couldnt make it to my metro stop before my nastiness started creeping out. My friend understood the predicament, as all good lady friends have uh, been there done that, countless times. She gave me a pat on the back, told me to go drink some wine and eat some chocolate, and I was on my way.

Now, for the past hour I've just been shitting ('scuse the lang., but it applies) around on my computer. And I've also been listening on repeat to John Mayer's The Heart of Life song, on repeat. I'm really not sure what that says about me right now. There was a time in my life when John Mayer annoyed the hell out of me. But in recent years, I've found myself quite drawn to his crazy, yet poignant melodies. In all seriousness, I think this is a beautiful song with genuinely meaningful lyrics. But for right now, this is what I'm hearing:

Pain throws your heart to the ground = Ovaries crush your stomach in angry spasms
Love turns the whole thing around = Chocolate can cure this.
No it wont all go the way it should = Sometimes, even that 5th popped advil wont do the trick
But i know the heart of life is good = oh, mother nature wins, regardless.

The fact that I just compared a John Mayer song to a menstrual cycle is making me wonder how I am possibly still single!?

My deepest apologies for this most random post. Time to OD on Midol...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lookin' Good

I started this blog a couple years ago as a way to put my thoughts down about books I had read - thus the super catchy and appropriate title! At the time, I was very interested in getting into the book publishing business, and this was my outlet to discuss books, publishing etc.

But, let's be honest - that can get a little boring. So, slowly, this blog evolved, and I started writing more about personal issues in my life. I think laughter is the best medicine so many of these posts have been written from this mindset. This blog also became a place for me to vent, and much to my reader's probable disinterest - sometimes even a diary.

It's followed my interest in the book industry to environmental happenings, to ridiculous dating stories. As my interests change and grow, I hope this blog will continue to document them. With all this change in mind, and the upcoming much needed transition from winter to spring, I decided to give this blog a makeover. It's not much - still incorporates my obsession with purple. But I hope it makes it a little more reader friendly.

I've also been thinking about giving myself a little makeover. With warmer weather approaching I'm trying to get more in shape. I always want to lose that last 5-10 pounds, and try and get more "toned." I've had a little obsession with getting really toned arms for a few years now. I dont wanna bulk up, by any means. But a nice little definition would go a long way. I swim, take spin classes, etc., but I think to see a chance in my muscle definition I gotta step it up a bit. So for the rest of March, I'm going to challenge myself to do 10 pushups a day. That doesnt seem like a lot, but its a start!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I'm writing this post incredibly exhausted. Tuesdays have become my "dreaded" day at work due to various tasks I have to perform that I don't enjoy, and other looming deadlines. But Tuesdays are also becoming one of my favorite days because I've taken on a part-time. I'm not getting paid an economic incentive, but it has been well worth it. I'm trying to train my friends to get ready for a triathalon. Sure, they have the biking and running parts down, but swimming - that's another story.

Having been a swimmer all my life, I forgot how difficult the sport could be to learn as an adult. I guess most things are harder to learn as adults actually. Think about learning a language - kids pick up languages far faster than most adults. I think swimming is the same.

A couple weeks ago we had our first lesson and I assessed the skills of my new students. They weren't hopeless, but after a few strokes ended in my friend swallowing half the pool water, I knew we had a long road ahead of us. They were overwhelmed by all the moving parts required in swimming. They were, understandably, overthinking it.

So we went back to basics tonight. Body position in the water, followed by drill after drill after drill. And just like that, they were able to swim a lap. Well, almost a full lap. Not only did they look better, they promised that it felt easier. And, while swimming is a sport, and requires skills and athletic ability, it should also have a naturalness to it.

I could tell they were struggling against the water during some of the drills, as they willed their bodies to stay afloat. But we're all naturally buoyant. It takes some people a little longer to float along the top, but if you have faith in the water, and'll rise to the top.

And just keep swimming.