Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quad or Bust

I get that people mock men’s figure skating. Really, I understand that, based on some of their—how shall I put it—outlandish outfits, mockery is inevitable really. But, as I stated earlier, I love watching the skating. And it truly requires amazing talent and athleticism to perform at this level. This year, the men’s skating is the most exciting because the US actually has a couple contenders. Granted, they are going up against this Russian dude who is scary good and can do a QUAD. If you want to play a drinking game and get smashed during the Olympics, here is one: Drink every time they say quad during the men’s figure skating. “Plucshenko’s landed the QUAD/triple craziness!” “But Lysacek may not have the QUAD, but he’s got the total package” “Can you win the gold without the QUAD?!?”, “That guy fell 3 times, good thing he didn’t attempt the QUAD”…you get the point.

Anyways, while the skating itself was interesting to watch, I stumbled across people who were live blogging/twittering it. This greatly enhanced my experience watching an already entertaining event. And if you don’t enjoy the men’s competition, find a humorous blog, grab some beer and you will. Ah the power of social media.

A couple observations about last night:
  • NBC made Pluschenko (Russian-gold-QUAD man) out to look, uh, a little crazy in their pre-program interview/Russian dictator statue montage. I mean, sure the man is undoubtedly cocky and a trash talker, but he’s allowed, I suppose. He can do the QUAD AHHH.
  • France’s Brian Joubert is HOT. Of course I immediately Wikipedia-ed him. Found this interesting little tidbit. Keep in mind this dude does wear sequined outfits for a living. Just sayin’…. “Joubert has been considered somewhat of a heartthrob in his native country, France. This reputation has been contributed to by Joubert's short relationship with former Miss France, Lætitia Bléger. He later brought a lawsuit against Bléger for 40,000 Euros for insinuating that he was homosexual and that their relationship was arranged to hide this.”
  • Canada’s hopeful Patrick Chan didn’t do that great, but he is still super cute! Come from behind kid.

  • Johnny Weir reminds me of a gay Edward Scissorhands. I’m a fan.

  • Some dude, don’t even remember his name, wore a scary, sparkly skeleton costume. I understand wanting to present a complete presentation, outfit and all, but really dude? This was just hideous, even for this.

  • My roommate walked in when Evan Lysacek was skating. Here was our interaction. Roomie: “His outfit looks like a Lady Gaga ripoff” Me: “Um, his costume is tame compared to the others!” Roomie walks away like I’m crazy. (Good job Evan!)

  • To the other American, Jeremy Abbott – better luck next time. And by next time, I mean in four long, long years.

So those were some of the highlights. Check out this hilarious blog that I followed during the broadcast for more in-depth analysis. I’m sure she will be doing it again Thursday.


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  1. I'm already cracking my knuckles in advance for Thursday. It will be hard to keep up, that is for damn sure. Weir's outfits, alone, require minutes upon minutes of contemplation!