Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Medical Leave

This past weekend I had a couple flag football games. And knowing my klutzy self, I stuck my finger out to try and block in incoming ball. Uh, this was real smart and also resulted in a jammed finger. Since only 3 girls of our entire 20 plus team ever show up to games, and we need exactly 3 girls to play, I couldn't even go off and cry on the sidelines. So I did the next best thing...sucked it up, play the game out then went straight to the bar to drown my pain in beers outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Ice was applied, beers were downed and all was right in the world. Minus my grossly bruised and swollen finger.

So I probabaly should keep typing to a minimum. I have a couple already written posts I'll try and throw up here later in the week. Warning: they are a little sappy and emo. What can I say, heartache inspires me.

Now I must go reapply ice. (Shut out to Italian Mother for takin' her concussion like a man and holding on to that ball after the wildabeast went crashing into you. "Sir, this is FLAG football, not tackle." You rock.)

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