Sunday, March 8, 2009

The only one he ever feared

This lovely, warm weekend has come to and end, and I actually got a lot accomplished, even with losing an hour! Unfortunately I was stuck inside Saturday leading an editorial meeting, but was able to get out and celebrate a friend's birthday last night. I was also finally able to finish the 5th Harry Potter book (Order of Phoenix). Ironically it was a "Harry Potter" weekend on ABC family, so I got a glimpse of a few of the movies.
So, my thoughts on the 5th book...Not my favorite, but still enjoyable. I saw this book more of a transition from book 4 to what is going to happen next. I actually enjoyed seeing a different side of Harry, but his anger at the world got a little annoying after a while. Reading about Harry's first attempt at love with Cho made my laugh out loud at moments - - I was glad how Rowling ended that situation. I wonder if Harry's love life will become a central part of the story at any point in the future? This was a loong book, which, for the first time, I felt was dragged out a little unnecessarily, but in the end was satisfying. I already knew about the impending death that was to occur at the end, but it was a character I had rooted for and was sad to see go.

More evident in this book than any other, I think Rowling's genius is in her story-telling ability. No doubt she is an excellent writer, but the depths and twists and turns she takes the plot continues to amaze me. Even through all the twists, the reader never gets off track and is only left wanting more. I mean, not many books can keep entranced after I wake up (accidentally) early, hungover, on a weekend morning after I've lost any hour. I was fighting sleep because I just needed to get to the end, to find out the prophecy....and I cant wait for more!

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