Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Is

When we were in New York my friend and I stopped by Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street for some of their famously delicious cupcakes. Across from the bakery I noticed a cute little bookstore called Biography Bookstore. Although we didn't go in, we window shopped and looked through the little bins of books outside. These little travel books caught my eye, I thought they were so cute! (The 2 other books were This is New York and This is Paris*)

I looked up the store on yelp and apparently it's pretty popular place. It was even featured in an episode of Sex and the City! I just wish that we had taken a second to stop inside. On such a rainy day like today, I am reminded of the simple pleasures in discovery a quaint little bookstore, even if it is miles away.

*I looked the books up on Amazon, and there are a ton of them!  They are a series of children's books about travel written by Czech artists an author Miroslav Sasek. In addition to the books I saw, Sasek has written about many other destinations, including This is Washington, D.C. Check out the descriptions of some of these and other books he has written.  

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