Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My lazy blog tendencies continue, but I have an excuse for this past week...it was my birthday! Yes, I am officially a mid-20 something. Although I still am having fleeting quarter-life crises thoughts, my friends helped me ring in my 25th year in fashion! It was somewhat of a week long celebration. I went home the weekend before to celebrate with my parents = my mom took me shopping.  I had a work picnic that happened to fall on my birthday, so only had a half day of real work (yay). Then I went out for some delicious drinks with coworkers and friends. The real celebration took place on Saturday ... dinner, drinks ...and more drinks with great friends. All in all it was a great birthday. 

Unfortunately I was a little under the weather Friday (getting old ya know!) so I stayed home to sleep it off. I also had lots of time to finish reading one of the three books I've been working on Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. I'm a little late getting to this series as well, but I snagged it from a friend when she told me she didn't want to read it. (Me: Really, why not? Friend: Because the girl has an affair with her best friend's fiance! Me: You read four chapters though, it says that on the back cover? Friend: Yeah, I didn't read the back cover until after I read those 4 chapters. Me: Um, it is called something BORROWED.) Anyways, one girls trash is another's treasure. I flew threw this book and really enjoyed it. It's a classic, summer read - no deep thoughts necessary. Now on to Something Blue

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