Monday, March 28, 2011

Out Like a Lion

In like a lamb, out like a lion...or so the old saying goes in reference to the kooky weather variances that come with the month of March. I'm not really sure how March rang in - but I'm pretty sure having a dusting of snow this weekend with a chance for more this coming week does not qualify as "out like a lamb." Ugh, snow in nearly April? I look forward longingly to spring every year and March is my mixed bag...but April is supposed to save me. It'll be a high of 46 degrees on Friday. Bah. hum.bug.

This is also effing severely with my sinuses and allergies. Mother nature is not entirely to blame however. My recent adventures in NYC and March madness game watching have not helped my fragile immune system. I absolutely loathe going to the doctor, but 1 week+ of being sick has worn me down....I'll be making a trip to the good ole clinic tomorrow.

So although my winter clothes have been worn out for the season, and my boots need resoling....I guess I'll have to keep them out for a bit longer. Silver lining...maybe this means DC Summer 2k11 won't be a suana in hell like last year's :)

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