Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lookin' Good

I started this blog a couple years ago as a way to put my thoughts down about books I had read - thus the super catchy and appropriate title! At the time, I was very interested in getting into the book publishing business, and this was my outlet to discuss books, publishing etc.

But, let's be honest - that can get a little boring. So, slowly, this blog evolved, and I started writing more about personal issues in my life. I think laughter is the best medicine so many of these posts have been written from this mindset. This blog also became a place for me to vent, and much to my reader's probable disinterest - sometimes even a diary.

It's followed my interest in the book industry to environmental happenings, to ridiculous dating stories. As my interests change and grow, I hope this blog will continue to document them. With all this change in mind, and the upcoming much needed transition from winter to spring, I decided to give this blog a makeover. It's not much - still incorporates my obsession with purple. But I hope it makes it a little more reader friendly.

I've also been thinking about giving myself a little makeover. With warmer weather approaching I'm trying to get more in shape. I always want to lose that last 5-10 pounds, and try and get more "toned." I've had a little obsession with getting really toned arms for a few years now. I dont wanna bulk up, by any means. But a nice little definition would go a long way. I swim, take spin classes, etc., but I think to see a chance in my muscle definition I gotta step it up a bit. So for the rest of March, I'm going to challenge myself to do 10 pushups a day. That doesnt seem like a lot, but its a start!

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