Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Half Blood Prince

Happy Easter! I'm back from a relaxing weekend at home, although the trip home took me twice the time due to lovely DC traffic. During my time literally sitting in traffic I was able to finish the 6th Harry Potter book (I promise, I was just sitting there and only had about 30 pages left.)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was nothing what I expected. I guess, all along I realized that at some point this series was going to get pretty dark. However, I'm still surprised what happened in this one! I literally didn't believe what happened at the end- I was imagining different crazy scenarios to explain it, but in the end it was clear that I had to accept the reality Rowling had created. I'm being vague in case there is somehow someone out there that hasn't read it yet, but I was very wrong in my judgement of certain characters, or how Rowling would use them. Now, I still think there are a few tricks up her sleeve, but I truly have no clue what to expect in the last book. I think she left many things unexplained, or at least things that I didn't fully understand, which I hope will be answered in the last book.

However, I'll have to put the last HP on hold because I need to start reading our next book club novel, Handle with Care by Jodie Picoult. I just realized we are halfway through April (how did that happen?) and I haven't even bought the book. Oops! Hopefully it's a fast read.

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