Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is Nonfiction For Me?

Today on Good Morning America, they interviewed Michael J. Fox and talked about his new book Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. I've never really been an avid non-fiction reader. I'm not sure why that is really. You'd think after countless literature classes and analyzing fiction to the point that even an enjoyable read become unbearably picked apart, I'd want to take a break. Go on a crazy adventure into the world of reality. But I can't remember the last non-fiction book I read.

Maybe I like getting swept up in the fiction and mystery of something that COULD be real, but just isn't. Lately, however, I've noticed myself becoming more interested in nonfiction. Like this book for example.

In reference to how he dealt with his new life with Parkinson's disease:
"If I had to give up any part of this, how could I possibly protect myself from losing all of it? The answer had very little to do with "protection" and everything to do with perspective. The only unavailable choice was whether or not to have Parkinson's. Everything else was up to me. I could concentrate on the loss -- rush in with whatever stopgap measures my ego could manufacture. I could rely on my old friend from the nineties, denial. Or I could just get on with my life and see if maybe those holes started filling in themselves. Over the last ten years, they have, in the most amazing ways."
"...My identity has so much to do with my ability to self-express, to assert my creativity and productive worth (work), my rights and the rights of whatever communities I'm a part of and therefore responsible to (politics), my freedom to seek spiritual purpose (faith) and to explore the complex bonds I share with those I love most (family) and without whom I would have long since succumbed to darker forces. "

I've never had a strong opinion about Michael J. Fox either way, but I'm sure this memoir is inspiring. After my HP escapade is over, maybe nonfiction is the next thing awaiting me.

What is the best nonfiction book you've ever read?

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