Monday, May 4, 2009

Toilets and Phones Don't Mix

So my raucous May Day celebration to occur Saturday night....didn't quite happen the way I'd planned. I did still have an excellent evening, eating amazing German food (how have I never had German food before? ) and sipping German wine. However, trying to do too much too soon is never a good thing. I was also trying to meet up with a friend in DC later in the night, but my plans changed suddenly when my cell phone inadvertently slipped from the back pocket of my jeans, into the flushing toilet.

Despite the loss of my dear cell phone, I had a great time. And it's been almost freeing not having a cell for the past day and a half. But I can't continue phone-less forever, so I am off to brave the Verizon store tonight. I don't need any fancy gadgets, just a phone that's not water-logged. RIP old phone. 

I'm not sure how this incident on the dawn of May bodes for the rest of this month. Maybe my phone had been contaminated by Swine (b/c I forgot to wear my mask on the subway that day) and this was nature's way of protecting me! Always look on the bright side.  

(Danke Schoen to a great friend who put on an amazing dinner party Saturday...curse your toilette) 

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